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Thread: Hex and thirds?

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    Hex and thirds?

    Does healthy extras count as free or do you discount it from the meal??

    I.e. If I were to have a sw fry up with a third toms/mushrooms.

    Then added hex toast, does it make the meal less than a third superfree or do you ignore the hex?

    I may be over thinking this, but sw fry ups are becoming a bit of a staple...and I resent adding extra toms/mushrooms as it starts loosing the feeling of a fry up! Lol!

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    yes you are overthinking it hun. Aim for one third of a meal being superfree but its a recommendation rather than mandatory, and your book says not required if you have healthy extras as part of your meal, unless of course you want it xx

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    I don't count the hexes. I have 1/3 a plate superfree, THEN add the hexes. (Also means that a hex is allowed as a snack without adding superfree).

    This is the way the food log sheets are laid out and I'm sure I heard/read that the idea is that because hexes are measure they're already controlled.
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