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Thread: Life getting in the way of dieting!

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    Life getting in the way of dieting!

    I think I must've chosen the busy period in my social calendar to start SW. I'm only on week three but I've only been able to attend one class other than my first group session. Week one I was super focused and lost 5lb so I was over the moon with that. Week two my best friend ended up visiting and despite my best efforts I over indulged all weekend. Stress at work meant I had to swap my shift last minute which meant I couldn't get to class but my scales at home said I'd gained a couple of those lbs I'd lost the week before. I had a semi focused week but spontaneous invites out meant I wasn't able to control the menu! This weekend I've had another spontaneous visitor so more overindulgence and booze. I've had to beg someone at work to swap their shift with me so I can get back to class again this week otherwise I fear I'll be a lost cause before I really began. I have to miss class again in two weeks as my friend is getting married so yet another menu I can't control. I am destined not to be a successful slimmer!! Damn lack of self control!!

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    I've decided today that life will always get in the way, I've got a few birthdays this month and a work night out. I'm in it for the long haul though, so as long as I'm good the rest of the time I'm not going to freak out every time I have a night off. Overall I'm still eating way better than I ever have so I'm happy with that...
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    A spontaneous weekend doesn't need to mean booze and overindulgence. Not does a wedding. Yes we all have days off and yes we all try and claw it back. Going to class is a good start but isn't a magic solution. It's about making the best of a bad situation and making the best possible choices. Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks or drink spirits with diet mixers. Make the most sensible choices where you can. Learn to say no where you can't. When you do overindulge don't beat yourself up. As the poster above says its about the long haul and changing your approach to food generally. It's not about being boring and giving up your social life. No one forces anyone to overeat or to eat the wrong thing. As a sentient adult the decision is in your hands. No-one else's.
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    Couldnt have said it betteh than lickthelid, try and enjoy the nights you have and don't get too stressed about it, sw has to fit in with life not the other way around. bring free food snacks with you when you can, eat well before you drink, prepare food for when you come home drunk and hungary, dance for extra body magic but most of all ENJOY! as long as you stay with sw these little blips wont matter, especially in the big picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChubLock View Post
    . . . I wasn't able to control the menu! . . . . yet another menu I can't control. . . .
    No - you can't necessarily control the menu when you go out. But you can control what you do with the menu.

    You can choose. And ask for what you want. And navigate your way around the things you don't want to eat.

    Actually the control is yours, if you want it. You can't be forced to eat things.

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    I've had a week like that too....this will be my third weigh in and my scales at home are putting me at a sts but I'm just happy I didn't gain tbh!! No fewer than 6 people I work with had birthdays last week and there was cake for them a BBQ yesterday with copious amounts of wine
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    You will learn which are the better options when eating out - and what to avoid. Things like having tomatoey rather than cheesey/creamy sauces, avoiding mayonnaise, avoiding deep-fried (unless you can remove the batter), avoiding pizza, skipping courses, having a side salad...

    Weddings are a little trickier but if you limit your booze and stay controlled around the evening buffet, and don't eat everything at dinner time unless you genuinely want it (don't stuff yourself!) you can still enjoy yourself without going crazy.

    Maybe do some work to look into low-syn treats that you can stock up on next time you have a guest to share together? People on here will have ideas.

    Also if you can't make it to your own group, maybe there is another one somewhere near-ish that you can get to on a different day?
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    Any house guests or visitors who come to my house get served SW meals I'm afraid. that's what I eat, so it's what I have in the house - like it or lump it

    I do keep in a limited amount of things like crisps/sweets (mainly for my grandchildren), so if people want those as snacks then they can obviously have them, but just because they (or the littles) are eating them it doesn't mean I have to join it

    When eating out I always make sure that I have my sweeteners with me, plus a small plastic bottle of balsamic vinegar to use as a salad dressing or instead of gravy... so, as long as I make the healthiest choices available (including being 'awkward' and asking for no dressing/butter/sauce etc) and skip courses/individual high fat items that make it onto my plate despite my best efforts, then I can stay pretty much on plan.

    Despite how it sounds, I'm not over the top about it (ie I don't make a big fuss) - I've just adjusted my thinking so that it's the occasion that matters - the company, the friendship, the being there, the love and the laughter - rather than food and drink - which are, at the end of the day, just food and drink!
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    At social occasions where the food is offered around or on a buffet, rather than a sit-down meal, you don't actually have to eat anything at all. Circulate, talk, talk some more, drink fizzy water with ice and lemon (looks like a G&T), keep talking, and no-one will know you aren't eating.

    And read MollyMolly's last paragraph again - inspirational !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MollyMolly View Post
    Any house guests or visitors who come to my house get served SW meals I'm afraid. that's what I eat, so it's what I have in the house - like it or lump it
    Absolutely - in fact I never even mention to the people that I'm cooking for that the food is SW - they see a nice tasty meal and enjoy it as such!
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    This thread has just saved me from a week long binge! I was feeling so tired and fed up last night that the plan went totally out of the window (in style of course with a tub of ice cream!), and I'm feeling so down about it today that it would have made me throw the whole week out of the window, but with this I've realised that it doesn't have to, and that honestly I'm probably feeling MORE down because of the blow out, if I'd have eaten sensibly I would have still been in a rubbish mood but there would have been no added guilt on top of that and I may have even felt a little cheered by having achieved something in my foul mood.

    Unhealthy food comes and goes, it it a moment on the lips in all honestly, it might be nice but it's a fleeting moment, you may find that if you troop on you enjoy the occasion twice as much because you achieved something there as well as having a good time! Food can be tasty without all the cr*p!

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    I've had a few days where I've been out celebrating - yep, my birthday was last Wednesday, and since then I only stayed in on Thursday (recovering from Wednesday!). Had a few days off work and I intended to enjoy myself - which I did. I went out every day.

    I'm obviously expecting a gain tonight - but I've had a lovely few days celebrating with my family and friends. I'm semi-back on it now... but i'll be back with a vengeance tomorrow.

    Life is too short not to celebrate. And have fun!! I don't feel any guilt whatsoever!! And believe you me, if I hadn't been going to SW, the damage would be a lost worse than it's going to be...!

    (And it's not the food that gets me - its the pink wine - every time.)

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