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Thread: Introducing Exercise hoping to get me to target!

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    Introducing Exercise hoping to get me to target!

    Hi All!
    Hoping you can help!
    i've been doing SW since September last year and i have lost 2stone 9.5lb, i'm hoping to reach my target my xmas this year which is my 4stone hopefully even 5stone award!

    my weight loss recently seems to have been really slow averaging at around 0.5lb a week! i'm hoping by introducing some exercise it will give me a boost. after exercising for a couple of days i was horrified to get on the scales and see a 2lb gain!!!

    i'm worried that i haven't lost enough weight to start exercise yet as i don't want to tone my fat!!!

    i could do with some advise to see if i'm making the right choice!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by naomi92 View Post
    . . . .

    i'm worried that i haven't lost enough weight to start exercise yet as i don't want to tone my fat!!!

    .. . .
    I am not sure what you mean by this - toning fat? how could that be possible? Exercise is a good thing whatever you weigh, and you don't have to have lost a specific amount to see the benefits.

    There have been lots of people on this forum who have commented that when they start exercising the weight loss slows temporarily, or they have a temporary gain, something to do with water retention, but it is only temporary and quite normal. Your consultant will know about this.

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    Hi, I have had this and it can be quite shocking. When you exercise for the first time in a while your muscles do retain water to help them recover, it's called "tear and repair". It is temporary and should correct itself in a week or two if you continue to exercise regularly.

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    Fat and muscle are two entirely different things like chalk and cheese or oil and water. You cannot tone fat only muscle and there is no such thing as being too heavy or big to exercise.

    Also 1lb of muscle is about a golf ball and 1lb of fat weighs exactly the same but is the size of a big orange as muscle is a lot denser.

    Have you seen the weight loss programmes Fat a year to change my life or Obese a year to change my life. The trainers in both of them start their clients off on exercise straight away even those weighing 500lbs.
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    As it's already said the weight gain is temporary but the benefits are great, over and above the weight loss you get exercise makes you feel great, and helps to keep your eating on track as you fel so good, the saying the more you do the more you want to do was so true for me. Another plus Is the way it tones you body, I lost 4.5 stone over 14 months and was very pleased with my changed shape.

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