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Thread: halo fryer?

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    halo fryer?

    Anyone have a halo fryer have seen one cheap and could do with one as starting back sw?

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    I have a tefal air fryer and and I love it! I do use a small bit of oil in mine but I syn that. Have some chips cooking in it at the moment actually..!
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    We have an actifry and swear by it. My inlaws had an actifry and then replaced it with a halo fryer and hate it. I've never used one but going on what they say and my personal experience Id go for the Actify over the halo. I know they are a tiny bit more expensive but I think there is a reason. Of course others may sing the praises of the halo

    Either way they are perfect for SW chips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MelonCollie View Post
    I have a tefal air fryer and and I love it! I do use a small bit of oil in mine but I syn that. Have some chips cooking in it at the moment actually..!
    Yeah, I sometimes use half of my HEB for oil if I only have say 1 Alpen light, not sure if that's allowed but I think you need a little bit of oil for your chips. We also have an actifry and I love it.
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