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Thread: Newbie here!! HELP!!

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    Newbie here!! HELP!!

    Hi all,

    I joined slimming world on Wednesday. Please can someone explain extra easy to me please, just seems to me like I can eat what I want :-)

    The consultant was on holiday so we had a stand in and she rushed it a bit and didn't explain it properly.

    Thank you all
    WK1- 10lbs
    WK2 - 4lbs
    WK3 - 4.5lbs
    WK4 - 4.5lbs
    WK5 - 3.5lbs
    WK6 - 1.5lbs (??????) :-( :-(
    WK7 - 4lbs
    WK8 - +1lb
    WK9 - (no WI)
    Wk10 - 4lbs :-D

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    Have you registered to use the SW website yet? There is a video of the new member talk in the features section which would be worth watching but other than that its basically just about sitting and reading and re-reading your book as the info is all in there

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    This thread explains it very well!
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    Agree the thread on here is ace & I still reread my book every so often to double check!

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    Hi emmalou

    There is loads that you can fill up on for free - it can be hard to get your head round at first.

    Cant add much to what others have said. Just wanted to say hi and welcome.

    It's well worth reading your books as they do explain it all quite well and they're good to refer back to every now and again it keep you on track.

    I'm in my second week. Joined a couple of weds ago.

    Good luck

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    Welcome and best of luck x

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