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Thread: too much sugar/fruit?

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    too much sugar/fruit?

    hey, I use my net diary app to log my foods and I'm eating a fair bit of sugar and worried this might be doing more harm than good? it's all natural from fruits but even so, it's still sugar?! is it possible to eat too much fruit?

    I typically have around 2-3 pieces of fruit a day x

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    Honestly I really would not worry about that. I routinely eat 6+ pieces of fruit in a day. You're all good, I'm sure.


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    If you are putting your faith in Slimming world then fruit is good and the more the better.

    Personally I find it doesn't fill me up and as you say has a lot of sugar and the calories add up if you eat loads of it.

    the low sugar gurus suggest no more than 2 portions of fruit a day and to eat berries and pears rather than apples, bananas or grapes.
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    I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you think it's slowing your weight loss down. Then maybe think about restricting it.

    I'm a big no/low sugar advocate so I tend to limit it and stick to berries but that's definitely a personal choice after reading stuff like Sweet Poison.
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    If it isn't slowing your losses or making you feel sick then I wouldn't worry and as long as you're not stuffing yourself with it for the sake of it then you'll be ok. Xx
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    I'm sure I read somewhere that fruit these days now contains more sugar than it did years ago, but I can't see how 2-3 pieces a day would slow down your weight loss in any way.

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    I really wouldn't worry about it. I eat LOADS more than 2-3 pieces a day and it hasn't slowed my losses.

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    Kind of echoing everyone else here, but if you don't feel it's affecting your losses don't worry. I've cut out fruit recently as I plateaued for literally about 2 months and it was making me a right misog. I now snack on veg instead and my losses seem to have started again. Fingers crossed at least. Having said that I was eating about 9 pieces of fruit a day which is quite excessive xx

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