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Thread: Severe bloating?

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    Severe bloating?

    I'm in my first week of SW after re-joining and my bloating has become extreme. I got upset yesterday because I honestly looked pregnant and I felt like I couldn't go outside with my belly so huge and uncomfortable.

    Is it normal to experience bloating in the early stages of SW? I admit I have been eating more fruits and vegetables than usual, and I did make lentil burgers a couple of days ago that might be the culprit.

    I'm just scared because of the bloating I'll get a gain in my first week!
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    Yeah, I had loads of bloating especially the first week but I still lost 4.5 lbs - stick with it, some things do still affect me (I narrowed it down to either Babybel lights or pickled onions) and have cut those out since and things have improved. Keep a food diary and also keep note of how you feel after eating and it will help you down the line to cut things down or out completely.

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