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Thread: WI treat?

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    WI treat?

    Ive read quite a few diaries this week and noticed that if people get a good weight loss they will treat themself to a chocolate bar or someone said a bowl of unweighed cereal which made me lol!

    Anyone treat them self on WI day? If so whats your treat,

    I dont personally as I weigh at home in the morning, if I were to treat myself id go off plan for the rest of the day most likely and undo my hard work!!
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    I have a treat every week after WI whether I lose or not, usually chicken goujons, chips and garlic dip from the chippy, a bottle of Coke and a bar of chocolate.

    I may need to cut that down though, my losses have slowed a bit but as long as the general trend is downwards I don't mind how long it takes. Feels nice to not feel guilty about eating!
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    I always have a chicken shish on my weigh in days. I normally get out about 7pm and we drive straight to the kebab shop lol.
    However I try to keep it in my syns, and if I go over I lower how many I use the next day.

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    I usually have the fat on my bacon or maybe a small choc bar that I don't syn, nothing extravagant

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    I am currently having 10 syns a day, so if a loss is good I'll have some extra chocolate/biscuits with the rest of the week's syns. but usually weigh in day is a normal day for me

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