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Thread: Is anyone doing Insanity whilst on slimming world?

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    Is anyone doing Insanity whilst on slimming world?

    Just wondering as I've being doing sw since June and my weightloss has stalled in the last few months/come to a stop. I keep stopping and starting out of frustration and I'm gaining and losing the same 5 pounds at the moment!
    I started insanity a couple of days ago (which is hard but okay, I'm fairly fit anyway) and it comes with a nutrition plan, all good stuff and 5 small meals a day but with my lifestyle (work and uni all day 6 days a week eugh) im not sure it's realistic as the meals take a bit of preparation and stuff I wouldn't normally buy, whereas I just freeze stuff on sw.

    ANYWAY that was primarily waffle sorry - has anyone here combined insanity with sw and still had good results?

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    My gym does insanity and I've looked at it but not booked a class yet. Is it really hard?? I do Zumba classes and a bit of interval training and weights in the gym but a bit scared of trying insanity!

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