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Thread: think SW maybe doesn't work for me! Help please!

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    think SW maybe doesn't work for me! Help please!

    I lost 2 stones 2 years ago on SW a pound a week but then my weight loss stopped totally with about another 2 or 3 stone still to go. Kept on it for about 6 months very strictly and lost no more. I have basically kept most of that weight off but started again last week by joining online and thought it might work again. I have stuck to it completely and stayed the same again! This is so frustrating. Maybe I eat too much. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any advice? I re-read everything to make sure I was totally doing everything right and counted my syns every day. The first day I had about 20 but after that I have kept them between 5 and 10.
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    wk 7 diet abandoned!

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    I second a diary it helps lots and yesterday at group one lady who has done brilliantly sts for two weeks even though she was on plan. She felt bloated and decided this week to drop diet fizzy drinks. She lost 2.5lbs and seems to be a personal sensitivity to The drinks.

    So your diary may reflect maybe something you need to just adjust to

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