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    I have been following slimming world for many years very successfully, but now I live in Greece. There is no such thing as diet drinks(only coke) no low cal anything and everything comes with chips or olive oil.i am trying sooooo hard to lose weight but our life revolves around socialising. Apart from going out and just drinking water or staying in I don't know what to do. Please help xx

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    Just because something comes with chips, it doesn't mean you have to eat them. Give them to someone else. You can use your syns for some olive oil, and you can surely ask for a salad with no dressing (Greek salads - yum!). Do they do fizzy water? - have it with a slice of lemon.
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    Olive Oil can also be used as a B-choice as well if you are prepared to forgo the bread.
    Can you have any squash or something? It may be worth going to a very populated area such as Athens and have a look around the really large supermarkets?
    If you can find something, you could always decant some into a smaller bottle on nights out and keep it in your bag so you can jazz your water up and not worry about it.

    Another alternative would be asking for lemon or lime slices in your drink and then drink that or slip a sweetener in there if you think your drink would be too sour.

    I have gone on holiday to Greece a lot and never had issues with diet drinks and I visited very remote areas, not just the really tourist-y areas where you expect everything to be catered for.

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