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Thread: 18lb to go and sabotaging myself :(

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    18lb to go and sabotaging myself :(

    I have lost 55lb since May 2014 and felt amazing. It has really changed my life.
    I'm now down to 18lb to go and I've gone back to my binge eating ways. I think it is because my history of anxiety is back and it might be me blocking it out with food.
    I am scared that I will end up undoing everything. I think the last week I've put on at least 6lb which sets my target back even more

    I think I just needed a rant but I really want to get back to it. One question I have is if you are around 10.5 stone how many syns are you eating a day?
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    Hello my lovely.

    Firstly COngratulations!! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is an incredible weightloss and you should be so so proud of yourself.

    Secondly, stop putting yourself under so much pressure. You have come so far, and is is the final stretch.

    Try starting a food diary again. Go back to basics and try to enjoy the plan anew, and see if that takes the pressure off.

    Im sure there are loads of people here who would love to hear your story of your journey, perhaps sharing that will gives you that boost you need to get to your target.


    Back on the wagon.............

    ''Gains don't do the damage, it is our reaction to them that determines how we get on. And I fall over plenty!''
    (franalamadingdong 2013)

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    Try not to worry about it. Draw a line in the sand. Start afresh in the morning!

    It's never too late to start again.

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    Generally the closer you get to target, the fewer Syns you should be eating.
    I believe the general rule of thumb used to calculate what is appropriate for your weight (although not advertised officially) is one syn per stone of weight.

    The advice given here is a good idea though, start afresh tomorrow and see what happens.
    If at WI, you have had a maintain, it may be worth looking at making small changes.

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    Well done on your incredible weight loss hun.
    I think when you've been on plan for a while you find you need a bit of a blow out or break from it from time to time.
    I am feeling abit like you at the moment.
    I went to Egypt last week of Feb and I have not been on plan since, slowly gaining a few lbs which I'm annoyed at myself about but the switch hasnt turned back on yet. I keep promising myself I will do a good day then I dont but at same time I have problems currently with constant severe acid reflux that I am going to hospital for soon.

    You will get there hun, give yourself a date that you will restart, go food shopping and plan your week ahead and try some new recipes etc to help you.
    I need to do the same too xxx
    The Slimming Kitchen Food/Weight Loss diary

    Extra Easy SP Plan if anyone wants to check it out

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    First off, 55lbs is AMAZING... seriously, wow that is amazing!!!

    Like everyone else has said, take the pressure off yourself and go back to basics, go to your next meeting with a clear head and try imagine you're starting again for the first time. Arm yourself with some food diaries and just take it one day at a time
    Slimming World
    Week 1 - 5lb
    Week 2 - 1lb
    Week 3 - 1lb
    Week 4 - ???

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