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    Hey everyone,
    After having been so embarrassed on a plane early on this year I eventually gained the determination to do something about my weight.
    I started following the slimming world EE plan nearly 4 weeks ago and I have gone from 19st 6lbs to 18st 2lbs, but now I am approaching my 4th week I starting to feel the pull towards 'cheating'. I'm not craving anything in particular but finding it hard in between meals. I am not a fruit lover and will only eat it if it's shoved in my face. I have been making my own SW crisps but I need to find something that is less time consuming... Has anyone got any suggestions? Thank you xx

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    Welcome to Mini's and good luck with your weight loss. You've done amazingly so far! Have you tried roasting chickpeas? You can either have them plain or stick some spices on them. They're just good to nibble on, when you feel the urge! I'm sure others will give you some good ideas, then you'll never be stuck again!

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    Hi Hun

    Have you tried a Muller light with a crushed meringue nest in if you're having a craving? A meringue nest is only 2.5 suns and I find it really takes the edge off any sugar craving I have. It feels a lot naughtier than it is
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    How about making some syn free hummus and dipping/scooping it up with carrots, celery, cucumber and any other veg you can think of!

    Syn free hummus

    can of drained and rinsed chickpeas whizzed up in the blender
    some fat free yogurt, enough to make the texture right! (sorry, I don't measure anything!)
    lemon juice
    salt and pepper

    You could add a tablespoon of tahini for 5 Syns (I think) to give it a bit more of an authentic flavour or you can add some smoky paprika and/or tabasco to give it a bit of a kick

    Well done on your loss so far though. that's amazing! I think the 4 week mark is when a lot of people start to 'wander' as the determination starts to dwindle.

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    How about doing some bbq chicken thighs to cut up an pick at or scotch eggs have a mug shot to hand ( not all are free) what is it your after inbetween meals something sweet or savoury you could make the haribo sweets
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    No need to eat fruit if you don't like it (although you are missing out on a lot - why not try some you haven't had before?) as long as you are eating enough vegetables.

    I keep baby little gem lettuces in the fridge for when I feel the need to eat something crunchy.
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    Hi secret stig, welcome, and well done on your amazing weight loss so far!

    It's difficult to know what to go for when you get the munchies. SW mini quiches are good because you can cook a batch and just keep them in the fridge or freezer. An options hot chocolate can take the edge off a sugar craving for very few syns.

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