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Thread: Snazzy Lunch Ideas

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    Snazzy Lunch Ideas

    Ok, there's probably already been a million "what should I take for lunch?" threads... but I thought another one couldn't hurt

    Any ideas?

    I like cooking stuff the night before, and I like seasonal veg. is good. Student budget an' all that.

    Here's the kind of things i've been taking to uni for my lunch so far.

    • Pasta salad (Pasta, red wine vinegar, cucumber, peas, sweetcorn, peppers, salt and pepper, tomatoes, chickpeas...whatever's in the cupboard)
    • Sandwiches. Meh. Boring. Quorn and light mayo...houmous...lots of ham and lettuce if its a red day...
    • Fritatta with loads of veg
    • Rice and peas/sweetcorn
    • Quorn burgers (cold, yes. They're nice, honest!)
    • Cold Pasta 'n' Sauce. Bit gluey though! Eugh.

    Sometimes I just cant be arsed so I take a packet of ryvita minis, a bottle of water, a can of Pepsi Max, a bit of cheese and a SACK of fruit. :-)

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    How about SW Quiche, i make it all the time, i use the flan dishes from home bargains you know the red floppy ones and this recipe makes 2 flans if using these. I slice one up and then freeze it so i can just get the amount out i need to defrost.

    1 packet of pasta and sauce
    1 packet of Batchelors savoury golden rice.
    3 eggs, beaten
    1 tub of low fat cottage cheese (i use the chive one)
    You can add other options to this, i add 1/2 can of mixed beans in tomato sauce, or you can add mushrooms, onions e.t.c.
    Sliced Tomatoes.

    Cook pasta and sauce in one pan and cook rice in another, when cooked mix together adding extra ingredients if you want at this point and pour into a large flan dish, add cottage cheese to beaten eggs and pour over pasta/rice base.
    Cook in oven at about 190 for about 30 mins or until set. About 10 mins before cooked top with sliced tomatoes.
    Quiche is great for nibbling on when hungry.
    Synfree if using the pasta and sauces that are free, Macaroni cheese one is 1 syn, this one gives it a sort of cheese pie taste.

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    Im a mahoosive fan of SW quiche! x

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    I guess I'm lucky that I have use of a microwave at work, so I just make up a whole batch of any of the SW recipes, like this months Cheesy Potato/Broccoli Bake or Spicy Vegetables with Cous Cous, portion them off into tupperware containers and either freeze some or stick a few in the fridge and bring them to work and warm them up at lunchtime. I also make Pasta-n-Sauce as a quick meal sometimes, but I usually add lumps of butternut squash and peas and whatever other suitable veg I have to hand and have it like that. It's nice warmed up the next day too.

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    get a flask and take some home made soup with a roll or ryvita's that way you can use whatever veg you have and some veg stock and just whizz it up i used to use frozen veg when i was a student as it was dead cheap in iceland - they sometimes have metal flasks in poundland but if not the are about 4 quid in Wilko

    im in the middle of making the falafels to take to work for my lunch will dip them in some VLF fromage frais with some corriander stirred through it and a bit of chopped up cucumber

    do you like cold cous cous? I have taken in the past roasted veggies and cous cous had it for tea the night before then ate it cold the day after with a bit of fresh tomato and cucumber added to it

    I made mini veg ommlettes to take to work the other week did them in a muffin tin then just munched them cold i put peppers and sweetcorn in them and grated carrot

    hope that gives you some ideas

    Gen x
    I am NOT giving up this time!!

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    Oooh good thread! I've only been doing it for two weeks so far I have had:

    • Mattesons's Fridge raiders with salad.
    • Jacket Potato (as HEB) with Prawns,
    • Ham Salad.
    • SW Quiche with ham
    • Jacket Potato with Heinz "sweet chilli" baked beans.
    • Scrambled eggs with a tin of tuna chucked in.
    • Cauliflower Curry (leftovers from previous night's dinner)
    • Batchelors Mild Cheese & Broccolli Pasta n Sauce with added sweetcorn.
    • Gammon steak, vegs, jacket potato (as HEB) with gravy
    • Stew (lean stewing steak, veg, gravy)
    The meal type things were made the previous night. I have a microwave at work so can re-heat things.
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    Week 38 -
    Week 39 -

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    OH! I forgot to mention the day that I took a massive lunchbox of free (used milk from healthy A) rice pudding!!! LOL.

    That was a taaasty lunch

    first month: -3.5 lbs

    -Plan this week's meals **DONE!**
    -Get into the 12s
    -Get into the 11s
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