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    Unhappy please help

    i dont know what to do, should i go to the doctor about this?
    I am way over eating but I cant seem to stop, I say no im not feeling hungry but I eat something anyway and I even eat to the point of feeling sick I just cant stop im even hiding to people i care about that im sneaking a little sweetie in! I need advice, ive recently weighed myself and my bmi is "over weight" im 12 stone and im only 20 years old.
    please help im at my wits end and im getting so stressed about it.
    im eating awful things and its even effecting my skin im coming up with so many spots and lumps under my face
    please help!!

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    First and foremost breathe. You are ok

    If you know you are eating when you are not hungry try to delve in to why you are eating? Are you experiencing difficulties in your everyday life that you are avoiding and trying to comfort yourself with food? What emotion are you feeling when you do overeat? I would definitely say a talk with your GP would be a good idea, to talk about how you're feeling and perhaps they can refer you to someone who can help you talk things through. (i eat through my emotions so i know how you feel).

    Make small changes to lessen the damage until you have a handle on you feelings and talk to someone you can trust a family member or a close friend.

    And we are all here as well.

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