I need you help in figuring out why me weight does not go down.
I am 6.1 height 187 pounds. Daily i consume around 1500-1800 calories. some time less. Typically I eat once a day.
2 espressos in the morning - no sugar no milk
1 large coffee during the day,
Go to the gym for about an hour - will do squats 150 pounds 9 reps - 3 sets. then bench press 100 pounds 9 reps - 4 sets, then elliptical 15 minutes. and sauna 20 mins
Around 6-7 pm I eat steak and salary plus a pint of dry red wine. sometime less
I do that every day.
Only thing I saw is that weight went 2 pounds more and stuck at 187 and does not goes down for 2 weeks already.... Last year it worked...
I need to get to 165 pounds in 3 months. Maybe somebody could help to understand - what i need to do?
Here are my current pics: