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Thread: im addicted

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    im addicted

    I bought some flakes today for a 135 kcal choco fix I havr just sat and ate them all y do I do this
    My targets
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    i've been 2 docs twice now about sugar addiction. Load of crap- he just said o its becoming more common this fad ! Here's a number for a dietitian but doubt they'd be able to do anything. I wrote down symptoms, come downs but didn't tell him what "drug" i was on, he seemed worried, till i told him it was sugar and he may as well of laughed. If you tell people they just think your a pig who can't stop eating. So sorry can't help you, but can totally relate to you. Even asked a specialist service to help and seems because i'm not "obese" they cant do anything.

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    I do the same! The only thing that would stop me binging is to stop buying them - I can't limit myself. Don't buy them - if you don't buy them or have any in, you can't eat them and won't feel the guilt. It's frustrating when it's all you want but you feel better about yourself the next day

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    Good luck I always cut sugar out then get sucked right back in

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