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    My permanent home

    Okay so how many struggled with easter. i did i was working 9 hours and i had to take my own food to say i struggled is an understatement. I need a job in a no food place. i took with me pasta warburton thins and salad though i still found myself straying downstairs and taking advantage of reductions of pastry my worst nights where the one of which my boss got us all an egg that was finished that night then i had problems with bread on monday and sunday (my only day off over easter) i bought a egg eat it in one sitting. then my brother got me one surprise surprise i did it again.

    Tomorrow will be different i have 4 days between my weighins. okay off to weigh in.

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    hi hun
    how is it going x

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    I struggled over Easter too.... A lot of things going on so wasn't organised which meant I subsequently strayed.... Struggling to get back on it... Know I will have a gain this next weigh in, but will have to face it or I will fall off completely.

    I think it is good to be aware of what you indulged in that is off plan, dust yourself off, accept the syns as the error and get back to hat you were doing when the weight was coming off.... Well that's what I am going to do.... And I think go back to keeping a food diary too, really makes you think about your choices.

    good luck... But I know exactly how you are feeling.... Be strong and motivated... Aim for a loss no matter how small and it will motivate you even more.... We can do it :0).

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