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Thread: Help is very much needed!!

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    Unhappy Help is very much needed!!

    Hello Everyone,

    Recently joined this site in the hope that I'm going to finally beat the weight!!

    I'm 26, recently engaged and currently trying for a baby. I've always been bigger and to be honest I've never let it bother me.... until now. I left a group back last year after several consultant changes and VOWED I'd do it on my own. Think that lasted all of 3 weeks maybe?!

    I've now sadly put everything back on and more and have decided I'm not prepared to be an overweight bride and I want to help my chances of concieving!!

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated - I'm looking for ideas of things i can make for breakfast mainly - I'm in work from 8am every day and cant eat first thing. Something easy I can munch on in between calls - work in a call centre!

    Look forward to having you with me on my journey

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    Hey, good luck and congratulations on your engagement and trying to conceive, I personally have tried a number of diets and most of them work if you stick to it but I find the ones I've had most success with is slimming world or weight watchers but I lost 4st after my first baby after gaining 3.5 in pregnancy, and then gained about 1 back, then fell pregnant with my second child and gained 3.5st again, and I have lost 3st of that again, she is nearly 2, unfortunately I was a good 4st heavier than I was used to by time I got pregnant with my first child so I still have 4st left to lose! Especially as I hope to have another child at some point and don't want to be this over weight.
    There's loads of support on here. Good luck!! Xx

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    Hey good luck on your weight loss journey!
    I keep harping on about it recently, but I like magic porridge in the morning. It might be an option for you. If you have a check on here there are variations of this but in essence its

    porridge oats or cous cous
    fat free yogurt/muller light
    frozen berries.

    Just layer the above and leave it overnight in the fridge so that all the juices and yogurt get absorbed into the porridge oats/couscous then have it at work. As its frozen berries even though its been in the fridge overnight its still pretty cold in the morning, i normally leave it a hour or so out of the fridge before eating it.
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    Week 5 11/06/14 = lost 1lb (16st 1lb)
    Week 6 18/06/14 = lost 2lb (15st 13lb)
    Week 7 25/06/14 = no change (15st 13lb)
    Week 8 02/07/14 = lost 3 lb (15st 10lb)
    Week 9 09/07/14 = plus 1lb (15st 11lb)
    This time I will do it!

    My journey to a new me -

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    I've never tried porridge oats with couscous.

    Is couscous healthy? lt looks like all the fibers are gone... I wonder.
    I'm here often on my phone, so, please forgive me my typos. Also, I don't speak English, therefore so many mistakes. I'm really sorry.

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