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Thread: i want it so much but can't get my head right ... whyy !?!

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    i want it so much but can't get my head right ... whyy !?!

    I have always struggled with my weight but I have been a lot happier than what I am now. Being taller than most in school I was always 'bigger' than friends and called fat - even though I look back at pictures now and I was far from it! Now though, I really am fat! Single parents, 3 children .. have very little time to myself, father don't see kids at all. seriously lack in motivation to start exercising every day. even though I hate the way I look. Even though I have always been bigger than most - I have before felt comfortable in my own skin - now I'm far from feeling comfortable. Don't have a specific size I want to get to I just want to start feeling comfortable again. To do that I do need to lose at least 4-5 stone. I'm just sabotaging my own good work though by having binge days, it's like all I think about is food, what can I eat, i'll eat anything - for no reason at all and as for exercising in my living room, half the time I don't even entertain the thought. I will add I do walk a lot, as I don't drive - if it wasn't for my walking I would be hell of a lot bigger. How do you keep positive & motivated really... it's easy to say I've done it so any1 can do it - how do you get your mind right. I'm such an over thinker, I think constantly about things which don't even need fretting over. I'm constantly stressing or worrying over something. more often than not it's affording to get things for the kids etc. any help, advice, messages would be greatly received and appreciate- need to speak to some people other than my family - who although are good as gold - are not the people I need to give me my motivation etc.

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    Hi xjemloux,

    Its hard isn't it, I know the feeling of how i used to think about food all day every day, just thinking what am I going to make.

    I think for me what worked was not thinking too far in advance, just take one day at a time, one meal at a time. Easier said then done I know. Put it this way about three months ago I bought a exercise bike off gumtree. Until last week it was being used as a clothes horse. At which point I decided I needed to do something about my weight for good this time, and as a result have started using it.

    I planned my meals and snacks for a couple of days, so that I had no excuse to have something unhealthy. And I started exercising even if at the start it was only 5 minutes, and slowly I built up from that.

    Its hard staying motivated all the time, especially when you realise its going to take x months to get to goal, but you have to find something that motivates you, say having mini goals and deciding when i lose 10% I will treat myself to a new top. For me, it was getting a fitbit, that no one knows about. I know my other half would think it a waste of money, and doesn't think I will manage to lose weight. And I want to prove everyone wrong, but will tell them about the fitbit when I am getting closer to goal. Maybe silly but it works for me. I also try and get to 10000 steps a day even if it means pacing up and down the living room.

    what diet if any are you following? what is it that causes you to binge?

    We are all in the same boat, and can support each other.

    Please dont lose hope you will do it.

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    Hi Jemloux. how are you getting on? hope your ok

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