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Thread: I can hear the cookies

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    I can hear the cookies

    My dad has a sweet fix he hasnt finished them there calling my name so on here instead. Xxx

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    Stay away from the cookie jar haha.

    I have to ban nice foods from the house as I just can't face the temptation!

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    Did you manage to keep your mitts off the cookies?
    If at
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    i forgot my username im now on this account lol i probaby didnt resist them if im honest cos it was prob the same now i'm probably worse.
    13.5 lb gone
    5 stone to go
    zumba the way to go
    ing world

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    Oh my goodness I can totally relate!!
    My dad keeps a stash of sweet fix ALL THE TIME at home. And it's pretty much my biggest obstacle, if not the only..

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