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Thread: Finding it hard to stick to a diet

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    Finding it hard to stick to a diet

    Four years ago I managed to lose 2 and a half stone and weighed 11 stone which I was happy with. I put half a stone of that back on gradually over two years but still carried on eating healthily and having a treat now and again. I then met my boyfriend two years ago and since then I've put on another 2 and a half stone bringing me up to 14 stone. I've tried to diet but find it so difficult when he sits and eats takeaways in front of me or has a sausage sandwich for breakfast. I never used to even eat takeaways or drink fizzy drinks and now I'm craving them all the time, even though they make me ill and make me put on weight.

    Really determined to lose the weight and keep it off and hope with the help of the forum I'll be able to stick to a diet this time and change my life for the better.

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    If its what you really want you will stick to it. My diets gone completely out the window since getting pregnant. Still, there will be time to slim down once baby is born.

    What plan are you going to follow? I find that my biggest fail - jumping from one plan to another to another instead of just sticking to one.

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    Toujours: I am sure that you can do it. Maybe you could talk to your boyfriend about what you want to do so that he can help you. I know my boyfriend is insanely healthy and active (marathon runner, triathlete, ironman) and I am the direct opposite. He eats really well but he does have binges where he eats loads (like ordering a large pizza for himself) and I have made the mistake of doing the same at those times - but I don't train everyday (at the moment I do nothing exercise wise!) so cannot get away with it. I'm lucky that he is very supportive. Hopefully your boyfriend would be too if he knew. x

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    The planning tip is a great one... U know exactly what food to buy and what ur having each day.

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