Hi Everybody,

Sorry for the language :/

I am back again at least a stone heavier pissed off feel like I have tried every pissing diet and I am my own worst enemy!

We lost my dad in April and things have fallen to pieces. I will list all the diets I have done and their associated success.

Start weight 20 stone (2010)
Slimming world - 4 stone loss
Calorie Counting - 2 Stone loss
Weight 14 Stone when we got married in 2012, I tried to keep going after the wedding.
Weight Watchers
after all that and I am now over 15 stone

I don't know what eating plan to do next but know I must do something very very soon.

Any pearls of wisdom would be so very welcomed.

Although Slimming world worked I found it very very restricting with regards to family life and going out etc.