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Thread: A struggling resarter lacking direction.

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    A struggling resarter lacking direction.


    I am a 26 year old male. 6ft. 13 Stone.

    Pretty lean, skinny legs/arms but a problematic torso section (belly/hips). I don't know my BMI/Body Fat but I imagine it is high. People to look at me clothed would think I was stupid to have a problem with my body because visibly they can seen I am tall and lean (face, legs and arms) but this deceptively covers my mid section.

    I used to weigh 15 stone and lost that 3 stone around 4-6 years ago after finally having an epiphany and the motivation to finally do something about my weight which I did not want to escalated any further. I got addicted to jogging and would go twice a day and complete anything from 6-15 miles a day. I cut out bread, crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks and also focused on portion control.

    I lost this weight in about a year and got to a size that I was happy with. In fact I was probably too skinny. Progressively I stopped jogging and the poorer diet crept back in (mainly bread and beer). I do however usually manage portion size still. I have now for the last couple of years managed to consistently keep my weight at 12.5 - 13 stone.

    I have got to a point now in which I want to step my game up again and get fit and healthy. It isn't a case of weight loss anymore but a case of:

    - Feeling happy about my body.
    - Toning up.
    - Losing the man boobs, lady hips and belly.
    - Feeling healthier and fitter.

    At the moment I feel:

    - Unhealthy
    - Unmotivated
    - Lethargic
    - Unenergised
    - Lazy

    But I want to make a change.

    For me I when I am in the zone I don't find the diet too difficult to maintain but the exercise I just don't feel motivated for.

    I don't want to just put on my trainers and go running. I want to work out a regime/schedule that covers many different aspects of; diet, cardio, calorie/fat burn and toning.

    So that is why i am here. To ask for tips and advice based on motivation, fitness, lifestyle and most importantly how to create a regime. It is difficult when you have a limited knowledge of something to really come up with an effective regime.

    I am at a position now in which I feel I have a good blank canvas to work with and it wouldn't take too long to start seeing tangible results. However. If I don't start doing something soon then I can see it escalating again.

    So thanks for your time and advice.

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    I would say don't rule out taking up running again. If you enjoyed it before, you will again - you just need to get in the mind set.

    Have you thought about getting a personal trainer? It can be pricey, but even doing it for a month could get you started.

    Another idea is to join a sports team. You might find a new sport you really enjoy and a lot of teams have fitness based sessions as well as training at the actual sport. Think outside the box - Roller derby, Dragon Boat Racing, Martail arts etc
    Jules x

    Eating cake gives you a moment of happiness, being slim gives you a lifetime of health and fabulous clothes shopping!

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