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Thread: Why can't I do this?

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    Diet: WW
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    Goal Weight: 9st0lb
    Goal Date: When I get there!

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    Start BMI: 32.6
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    Why can't I do this?

    I'll say it now, I tried intuitive eating last week- result is I've gained 2lbs in one week. I managed to get down to 10st but the weight then crept on, I am now 11st 6lbs. I've joined SW but have yet to follow the plan, it's now my 3rd week and I need to stick to it to make it work. I'm so very fed up of being fat, I hate it, I hate feeling so ugly and unattractive. I've got to go for a photo shoot in March and I'm thinking of cancelling as I don't want to see my fatness in the photo forever. I figure if I reschedule for the Summer it gives me a target to aim towards and I might then have shifted the weight. I just get so hungry then I snack on bread, crisps, coco pops, crackers etc all in the evening. I know what I should do but I am finding it so very hard. My target is 9st.

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    Goal Date: 16th April 2016

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    Current BMI: 36.3
    Goal BMI: 24.1

    Total Weight Loss: 0st11lb
    Weight to Lose: 5st3lb
    % Lost 4.8%
    It isn't easy hon but if we really want this then we have to struggle through to make it happen.

    I started for the hundredth time at 16st 7lbs & I am down to 15st 3lbs - lots more to go but its a long & winding road to get there & I just need to accept that.


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