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Thread: Calanolli/Broteli Bean casserole

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    Calanolli/Broteli Bean casserole

    My mum used to make this when we were little. It tasted so delicious and awrming after returning from school on a cold and snowy day.
    Chopp an onion or 2. fry dary or in frylight.
    Wash some calanolli/Broteli beans (pink ones with drak red strips), add to the pot with some pieces of lamb or beef.
    I use a large handful of beans and a lump of meat 4-6 ounces per person.
    If you like you can add half a can of tomatoes for superspeed food- I make it without. Add some water, season with salt & pepper to cover the meat and beans.
    Bring to boil and then turn down the heat and simmer (make sure there is enough water in the pan - just enough to keep the mixture moist). Stir from time to time so it does not stick to the pan.
    When beans are cooked very well and guey.
    Peel a couple of potatoes and quarter. Add to the mixture and let it cook.
    The mixture needs to have same consistancy of a can of baked beans.
    Dish up in bowls and serve hot.
    You can squeeze some lemon juice on it or put a dollop of FF fromanage fraise/yougart and sprinkle with some parsely.
    If you wish you can have it with boiled sprouts/broccoli/Green beans or any other vegetable you fancy.
    Enjoy it

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    This sounds lovely. Esp with lamb!! MMmmm
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    Thanks for the recipe, sounds lovely.

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