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Thread: Lunch ideas

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    Lunch ideas

    Hey guys

    Looking for some help. I've just moved from working part time to full time and need some ideas for lunch. I only get half hour lunch break so need something quick and getting sick of salad and only really like tomato soup. I only have a microwave and a kettle so would need to be something suitable for them. I do have mug shots but I find pasta effects my weight so would rather something different. Any ideas welcome :-) xx

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    You could make the syn free tomatoe soup? It tastes just like Heinz tomatoe soup! x

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    Hi nikkibee

    I am in a smiler situation. Although I have been back at work nearly a year. Lol

    I have found the best thing for me is leftovers. So spaghetti Bol for tea on Monday. Becomes Tuesdays or Wednesday lunch. If u don't want too much pasta. Cook a jacket spud in the oven at home then reheat it in micro. Only takes 2 mins.

    I do the spud thing regularly. Also the Heinz bean micro pots are good.

    I even cook extra roast dinner on Sunday and take that to reheat. X
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    Hi hun x
    Do u like eggs? I make a frittata type dish in the evenings & take to work the next day with salad/soup/ryvita/ff cottage cheese.

    Fry (light) onions,mushrooms, peppers. Mix 4 eggs with some herbs. Defrost quorn pieces in microwave (optional), salt & pepper. Combine all the ingredients, I also add frozen peas, put in an oven proof dish (or a muffin tin for mini version) & bake for a good 30 mins. It's gorgeous & free!! x L x

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    Great ideas ladies - I will keep an eye on this thread to see if i can steal some ideas for my lunches too thanks!
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    Lunch ideas are a fab help. I'm struggling with lunches too, Salad just aint gonna cut it in this freeeeeeezing weather!
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    I usually use my heb at lunch time. Usually a weight watchers pitta or a bfree wrap stuffed with ham/ chicken and salad with a packet of hoops & crosses. It makes me feel like I'm having a 'normal' lunch the same as everybody else lol

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    We mix it up between- homemade soup, Jacket potato, pasta or beans on toast

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    Frittas sound good, have some small Le Cresuet dishes so shall definitely be giving it a try!

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