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Thread: Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce Syn Value

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    Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce Syn Value


    Does anyone know what the syn value is for this please .....

    Having it onto of chicken tonight !!

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    not sure if this is the product?

    Blue Dragon Stir Fry Sauce, Sweet & Sour, ambient 120g sachet

    Original 7 Syns Green 7 Syns

    Blue Dragon Sweet & Sour Chilli Dipping Sauce 1 level tbsp
    Original 1 Syns Green 1 Syns

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    Hi just to let you no that if you require any further syns as this post will be moved later on there is a syn thread before these boards if you look at the top hth's

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    Mmmm, sweet chilli sauce. I love mixing this with quark to make a dip.
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    I see the original post is some time ago. Are the syn values still the same?

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