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Thread: syn free chocolate mousse

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    syn free chocolate mousse

    does anyone know if there is a syn free or really low syn chocolate mousse

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    There aren't any syn free ones, but found these for you

    Cadbury Light Mousse, Chocolate, Fat, 4 pack, chilled 55g pot

    3 Syns on Extra Easy Original 3 Syns Green 3 Syns

    Asda Good for You, Chocolate Mousse, chilled 60g pot

    3 Syns on Extra Easy Original 3 Syns Green 3 Syns

    Tesco Light Choices, Chocolate Mousse, 6 pack, chilled 62.5g pot

    4 Syns on Extra Easy Original 4 Syns Green 4 Syns

    Weight Watchers Belgian Chocolate & Vanilla Mousse, twin pack, chilled 80g pot

    4 Syns on Extra Easy Original 4 Syns Green 4 Syns

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    does anyone know how many syns there are in Asda's chosen by you 40% less fat chocolate mousse? There 60g each, would appreciate help

    New to this Jess x

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