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    Smile milk allowance

    hi all,

    my first thread! hope someone can set me understand my milk allowance.

    I am new to the diet and from what I can gather I am allowed the equivelant of 6 syns of milk and I can use it for cereal or drinks or making up sauces.

    So if I get a primo skinny latte from costa (2.5 syns) I can deduct it from my milk allowance as the espresso is free?

    Also does that mean if I get a skinny hot choc primo size from costa, which is 5 syns can i deduct the 2.5 for milk from my allowance?

    thanks in advance

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    Yes you can use your HE for the milk in the latte as it is just coffee and milk

    But I would not do that for the hot chocolate as you do not know how much of the drink is milk and so cannot work out the syns with any accuracy

    As a matter of interest there is apparently 350mls milk in the latte so we are unsure why it is only two and a half syns when that much milk would usually be higher in syns

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