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Thread: Superfood Syn Values HELP :)

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    Superfood Syn Values HELP :)

    Hi All !

    Im new here but have done Slimming World before ( and about to start again *sigh*) I lost 2.5 stones before, and 1.5 back on/

    Anyhoo I am quite into my super foods, herbalism, foraging and etc... and have found that veggie and vegan doesnt necessarily mean weight loss... so after I shifted into that way of thinking for eating and dietary habits... I slipped some weight back on.

    Now its time to lose it and adopt Slimming World habits again, as they work and I feel great when doing it

    I do plan fully though to keep certain superfoods 100% in my diet .. many I used before in smoothies etc when doing SW and sill lost, but Id really like to know if anyone else uses them regularly and how they account for them in their daily diary or syns...

    Ill leave out the foods... as I can find them easily but some I am not sure on

    ANY help is appreciated.


    Raw Cacao
    Maca Root
    Flax Seed (ground)
    Hemp Seed (ground)


    Raw Cacao Nibs
    Coconut Flour
    Chia Seeds

    Super thanks and Ill start posting and chatting more soon... always have searched internet and used this site that way, but time to interact

    Much Love.

    Robin ~

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    Chia seeds are 5 syns per 25g. You may be able to use them as a HEXB too but I'm not sure. Can't find any of the rest as that's all pretty specialist. I think if you want to work that stuff in it would have to be a lot of trial and error and best guess. Maybe someone who knows will come along and say otherwise.

    Also I'm interested, what does foraging entail? It makes me think of Badgers. Or possibly truffles.
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