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Thread: Please help me find low syn snacks/meals in minutes ..

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    Please help me find low syn snacks/meals in minutes ..

    I'm a mother of 3 and work full time so find it hard to prepare food from scratch, also 2of my children are fussy eaters so sw meals wouldn't go down well unless its a roast dinner.
    i need to find a few things that I can take to work for lunches, I have use of a microwave at work.
    Also can anyone help with syn values of
    uncle bens microwaveable egg fried rice.
    uncle bens Mexican rice microwaveable.
    uncle bens Chinese rice microwaveable.
    asda curry instant noodles.

    thanks... Feel free to give me suggestions

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    This is what ive got in my book but please correct me if im wrong

    uncle bens microwaveable egg fried rice. EE- 4.0 R-20.5 G- 4.0
    uncle bens Mexican rice microwaveable.EE- 2.5 R-20.0 G- 2.5
    uncle bens Chinese rice microwaveable. EE- 3.0 R- 19.5 G-3.0
    sorry i cant find the noodles atm were they smart price ones? x

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