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Thread: Joes sausages

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    Joes sausages

    Just ordered some sausages and burgers from joes, but now panicking! Are they still free? I put the nutritional values in the syns calculator and they are coming up at 6 syns ?

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    Did you enter free food as pork?

    It seems Joes have had a run in with SW

    "We originally set up Joe's to make diet products that worked very well with a certain diet plan and as such were an approved supplier for many years. The company running this particular diet plan no longer approves products from small companies like us. As a result of this, unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to advise you as to the suitability of our products or their "values" on this diet plan; this includes responding to email and Facebook correspondence (if you are following this diet plan, you can, of course, check for yourself using the nutritional information we provide). Furthermore we are not permitted to use its name, or any of its trade marks with the exception to the statement provided by them (see below). Despite being confident that what we were doing in advising our customers was permitted under the law, our solicitors advised us that the proposed lawsuit for potential trade mark infringement could have cost us £50k to defend and more if we had lost, so we had no choice but to back down. As a family run business, we simply couldn't take the risk, because losing any part of the lawsuit would have destroyed Joe's. "Neither Joe's Sausages nor any of our products are in any way approved or endorsed by, or otherwise associated or affiliated with Slimming World®. If you have any queries relating to the suitability of any products for the Slimming World® plan we advise that you contact Slimming World® directly at"
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    Relax they are still free

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    I found a statement on slimming world once in regards to this sort of thing. I think there have been some 'butchers' that have called things syn free, when they have not been, not Joe's sausages but other butchers. Slimming worlds explanation was saying that they do not endorse any meat products from butchers in order to protect weight losses of its members, and it doesn't allow any meat producers to use the slimming world trademarks on their sites.

    That being said, i buy sausages from Joe's, and i have recently checked all the products that i get from Joe's, and they all come out syn free on the calculator. I think for the calculator it makes a difference on the nutritional information \ per 100g to the portion size sometimes, so it might be a mistake here that led you to the syn values you got.

    Also i find with Joe's that they taste healthy, as is when you cook them no fat leaves the sausage, they are much firmer, and they do go quite solid if re-heated. This is simply because they have such a low fat content and therefore are almost solid pork and seasonings.

    I personally prefer them because they feel much more like 'real' meat than any other fatty sausage, but each to their own.

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