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Thread: Ribena light

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    Ribena light

    I've bought a bottle of Ribena light today, but can't find the syn value. The website has Ribena extra light (free) and the normal stuff which is synned, but not the light version! The bottle is 20 calories so I don't know if it's 1 syn because of the fruit juice in it? Very annoying.

    Ribena light-image-3248809635.jpg

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    as far as i can tell there is Ribena really light, extra light & light all of which seem to be pretty much the same drink just rebranded and with the formula slightly tweaked.

    The Ribena light is the current version thats out and i've been treating it as free as it's a sugar free cordial type drink, maybe it should be 1/2 syn but if it's an occasional drink (i think they only do the individual pre-mixed in "light") i wouldn't be too worried about 1/2 syn either way.

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