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Thread: Free food help needed!!!!!

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    Free food help needed!!!!!

    Just starting slimming world from home not joined a class got a loan of a book and looking for some advice on free food. Will be following the extra easy plan and looking for some free food ideas such as mugshots ate they free? Or any other branded free foods? Thanks in advance for any help

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    I too do sw from home. I think itd be really helpful if you put aside an hour to really read the book and have a good think about meals- its what I did when I first started and v helpful!
    Remember superfrees need to fill a third of every meal and be the first choice for snacks rather than free foods. These include fresh fruit/veg.
    Free food is stuff like rice, pasta, potatoes, noodles.
    Some mugshots/pasta n sauce/savoury rice is free but you'd need to add veg or include fruit for it to be a balanced meal.
    Hope this helps
    Rosie x

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    I have just brought some asda chosen by you tins. These are the syn value for the whole tin on ee. There is meat free bolognese- light green tin ( syn free). Cajun chicken- bluey/ green tin ( syn free). Vegetable chilli - orange tin ( syn free). I also got lamb tagine- dark green tin (1.5 syns).

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