Hello lovely slimmers

Soo as the weather has been so lovely this Easter it has got me thinking about the upcoming 'summer' assuming we haven't just had it lol.

I have just taken delivery of a nice shiny, new, massive chest freezer and am thinking of starting to stockpile BBQ food. I just got lucky with 8 packs of wholemeal rolls reduced in co op to 15p each so they have gone in the freezer, I LOVE a bargain, but I need to think about meat

Does anyone know what the lowest syn burgers and sausages are, also things like grill steaks, ribs etc. I usually do things like gammon, chicken and veg skewers and chicken pieces which I know i'm safe with. But a nice juicy burger always goes down well

Also what do people do as sides? I'm thinking salad and batchelor rices. Any other ideas would be great.

Many Thanks xx

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