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Thread: Cheap syn free yoghurts?

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    Cheap syn free yoghurts?

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend any syn free alternatives to muller light that are cheaper? My OH and I are both doing SW and with a yoghurt with breakfast and lunch each day it's over 10 a week just on yoghurts. Any suggestions?
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    Depends where you shop, but there is a long thread all about syn free yoghurts over in the syn values sub forum

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    Aldi do packs of greek style yogurts, you get 4 in a pack in either lemon, coconut or strawberry for 99p and they are syn free, or the active fat free 4 pack are syn free too Cheap syn free yoghurts?-forumrunner_20131123_073135.png Cheap syn free yoghurts?-301239.jpg


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    Buy the syn free natural yoghurt or fromage frais in the big tubs. Then add your own fruit - the frozen forest fruits/raspberries are delicious, quick to defrost in the microwave. You can always add a bit of Splenda to the yoghurt to sweeten too. I much prefer this to the flavoured yoghurts

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    The aldi ones are lovely and very cheap

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