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Thread: Meat slices?

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    Meat slices?

    Hi, new here so hope I'm putting this in the right place!

    Curious about sliced ham, chicken and turkey. I know some packets have syns but what if you buy it from the deli counter? When it's often cut straight from the bone? Anyone know if any of that is syn free?

    Or alternatively, does anyone know what packs of sliced meat is free (pref chicken or turkey as I'm not so keen on ham)?


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    Many sliced meats in packets, especially the cheaper ones, are processed with other ingredients. Check the ingredients lists for things like starches and oils, which would probably mean that they would have syns.

    You should also be able to ask at the deli counter for a list of ingredients for any item. However, if it is good quality lean ham, or chicken, or beef, say, then it should be free once you have cut off any visible fat.

    I am having some Tesco Finest Sliced Chicken for my lunch, and just looked at the ingredients list and was a bit surprised to find sugar mentioned. Which just goes to show I should take my own advice and read the labels when I am in the shop, not when I am half-way through eating the stuff! However, checking the nutritional value, I can see that sugar is just fractionally over 1%, so I am not going to worry too much about it.

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