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Thread: The seaside syns?

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    The seaside syns?

    Hi all,

    Im going to Great Yarmouth (yay) in a few weeks for a week, and was wondering what things are the worst/best to have?

    Obviously I will be having fish but removing the batter, and having that with mushy peas.

    I have a massive sweet tooth, and when i go to the seaside normally I get swayed by donuts/ice creams/milkshakes/candyfloss/sticks of rock/etc etc etc..

    So i was wondering if it hasnt been done before to do a slimming world guide to seaside syns?

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    I'm sure last mag said a standard stick of candy floss was 3.5 Syns dont forget a pickled egg at the chippy love them! And I'd avoid donuts altogether it's a slippery slope unless u get a plain glazed one from tesco on the way think they aren't too bad for Syns x

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