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Thread: Cottage cheese on...low-syn-something??

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    Oh, I wonder if they've gone the same way as the Alpen light bars then and recently changed their recipe? x
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    Quote Originally Posted by Destamia View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Doh, sorry I've been silly, the page from the book really helped me, it's the wholegrain which is no longer a hexb not multigrain just mixing my wholes with multis

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    Some people use ham, roll up some cottage cheese in it a Nd much...then it's unlimited! Add some veggies (tomatoes, cucumber slices, grated carrot, gherkins) and you've got you some super free I also use cottage cheese as a salad dressing type thing. Or cooked chicken breast and slice it up that would act like a cracker.
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    Thank you all for your replies and your great ideas!!! You`ve been really helpful!! Now i can have my cottage cheese in so many different ways :P
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