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Thread: Syns for teenagers

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    Syns for teenagers

    Hi does anyone know how many syns a teenager can have per day/week please , is it the same as an adult ? She is 15 yrs old , thanks

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    I think they follow a seperate plan called free to go and they don't get a set number of syns just ideas on what are better choices, as I dint think they get the one hea and one Heb again I think they can have as many as they like it's all about making better choices. But I would advise to take her to group, if an adult goes as a paying member then the 15 year old is free

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    And there was me thinking, from the title, that the question would be "How many syns in a teenager"

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    Great thanks ...
    Lol yeh probably couldn't eat a full 1 haha

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