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Thread: Asda Great Stuff little tins pleeeease?

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    Asda Great Stuff little tins pleeeease?


    Hope everyone's having a good SW week

    Does anyone know the syn value on a Green day of Asda Great Stuff veggie ravioli (small 40p tin)and also the Great Stuff veggie sausage with spaghetti hoops small tin please?

    I think they're supposed to be for children but they're great for a quick snack with some nimble bread.

    Thank you xx

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    Asda Great Stuff, Vegetable Ravioli in Tomato Sauce, canned 200g can
    Original 7 Syns Green Syn

    Asda Great Stuff, Vegetable Sausages & Wholewheat Pasta in Tomato Sauce, canned 200g can
    Original 8 Syns Green 3 Syns

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    Are these syn values still the same? Just wondering as this post is five years old. x

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    Up to date values below...

    Asda, Great Stuff Vegetable Ravioli in Tomato Sauce , 200g can = 1 syns on Extra Easy and Green. 7.5 syns on Red Day

    Asda, Great Stuff Vegetable Sausages & Wholewheat Pasta in Tomato Sauce , 200g can = 3.5 syns of Extra Easy and Green and 8 syns of Red Days.

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