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Thread: gastric band and still dieting?

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    gastric band and still dieting?

    Is there anybody else out there who had weightloss surgery and still managed to put the weight back on? I had my gastric band fitted four years ago. It worked brilliantly for a while but in the past 18 months I've put back on all the weight I lost. I'm on Lighterlife now and it's going well but I feel ashamed and embarassed that my eating habits are so out of control that I can gain this much weight even with a gastric band. I'm having counselling now and am really determined to educate myself and have a healthy attitude to food, the band can be part of that solution but I need to put the hard work on myself. Has anybody else experienced weight gain and a continuation of yo yo dieting even after wls?

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    Hi Flying !
    I'm in the very same situation- I have my band over 4 years, and lost around 3 stone within the first year. After that things went wrong, and despite fills,defills etc,etc, i went back to my old habitsIn the years that followed my weight fluctuated and i certainly gained some of the weight back. So this year i rejoined by slimming club and have lost quite an amount of weight i still have a ways to go, but for the first time in my life, my head is in the right place.I really think there should be very stringent pre op assessments in place to ensure people get the procedure that best suits them. I wish you the very best of luck ....and heres hoping the new year is full of good things !

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    I know how you feel . I am almost two years down the line. I paid £6000 for mine - lost three stone initially but I have put a stone back on . I have just joined slimming world and am hoping that I can at the very least get that stone back off . I really want to lose five stone though . I feel my head is absolutely mashed with a lifetime of diets, meal replacement, hypnotherapy, the band, slimming clubs, etc. I paid all that money thinking the band would be the answer to all my prayers but I am left so disappointed . I am wondering if I should have a defill before my support period runs out. I joined slimming world on Monday and have committed myself to a 40 day diet for lent . So here I am - day six of 40 ......
    Thinking of having a gastric band? Hmmm... Keep your money in the bank !

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    Hey there girls, I haven't had a gastric band done but my wife has. She lost a total of 4 1/2 stone between pre-op diet and the first few months of the band being in place. The majority of the weight loss was her being on pre op diet.

    She has put 11lb back on and I have to say that it was due to her food choices. Instead of eating things that are harder to get through the band she was opting for ice cream & chocolate, that slips easily through the band. she knew what she was doing so She got a fill and has been eating right now for a while now and is well on her way to losing that weight she put on.

    Weight loss with any diet be it surgery or clubs or calorie counting has to come with a lifestyle change. Surgery gives you that sort of safety net so that you can't over eat, but as you I know and you guys know, things can slip through the net as such lol.

    Eat right with the band and it'll be right by you.

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    I had my gastric band in December 09, gained an eating disorder, lost seven stone, got in recovery, gained five stone. So here I am!

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