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Thread: hormonal water retention

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    hormonal water retention

    Anything we can do to assist with this?? Drinking plenty, think just have to ride it out but is driving me potty LOL


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    Its disappointing isn't it, looks like I've gained a couple with terrtible TOM which started yesterday. I'm just trying to drink loads to flush it out and hopefully will be losing again by the weekend. Think we just have to ride it out and take the rough with the smooth. Jayne x

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    You could take a potassium supplement...they help with that, plus are needed on VLCD anyway.
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    Hi RebekahR ! I have the same problem. I can gain 6 or 7 lbs in the days leading up to TOM. Ir has got me down in the past, but experience tells me that the weight loss catches up with the next WI. I also get migraines, swollen feet and terrible tummy cramps and back aches which literally turns me into a couch potato for a couple of days. But the good feeling comes back once the pains have subsided and i start going for my long walks again.

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    I find it hard to loose weight and now I'm 5lbs heavier because of this!! So frustrating

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    Quote Originally Posted by RawrGirl View Post
    You could take a potassium supplement...they help with that, plus are needed on VLCD anyway.
    why are they needed please?

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    I am on mine at the mo been on lipo trim one week only lost 2lb I am hoping when my period finishes I will loose???
    Georgia x

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