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Thread: Bit of inspiration

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    I CAN do this
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    Diet: SML VLCD
    Height: 5ft4.5in
    Start Date: 9/12/13
    Start Weight: 18st0lb
    Current Weight: 18st0lb
    Goal Weight: 10st0lb
    Goal Date: When I can

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 42.6
    Current BMI: 42.6
    Goal BMI: 23.7

    Weight to Lose: 8st0lb
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    Bit of inspiration

    Being on a VLCD can feel like a hard slog at times and we all need a bit of inspiration to keep us going. Due to my job I'm not currently able to follow a VLCD but when I saw this I had to share it with you all. This amazing guy has lost a whopping 29 stone using a VLCD and it may well have saved his life. So keep going and believe in yourselves. You can do this!

    Man dubbed 'The Human Doughnut' sheds 29st to drop from 41st to 12st after morbid obesity left him housebound | Mail Online
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    Week 1
    Week 2

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    Diet: one off the interweb...
    Start Date: 12th Jan 2014
    Start Weight: 132.1kg
    Current Weight: 132.1kg
    Goal Weight: 100kg
    Goal Date: May 31st (20 weeks) then review.

    Weight to Lose: 32.1kg
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    Thankyou so much. I love reading positive stories that show what can be done
    In the words of Master Yoda, 'Do, or do not - there is no try...

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    That is just incredible!

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    Diet: Slim & Save 4 Per Day VLCD
    Height: 5ft5in
    Start Date: June 2011
    Start Weight: 16st1lb
    Current Weight: 16st1lb
    Goal Weight: 9st0lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 37.4
    Current BMI: 37.4
    Goal BMI: 21

    Weight to Lose: 7st1lb
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    My vlcd of choice is Slim&Save, i just love the variety of there products as opposed to the other companys. The prices are much cheaper too. I suggest you buy there taster pack its quite cheap i think i payed 28 for it and its a weeks worth of products but you get to try out most of the range before you order in bulk. You get a free shaker cup too if your a first time customer!
    Ive also had to ring them up on occasion for some advice and the ladies on the other end of the phone are lovely and really helpful. I give them a thumbs up! I truely love there service. xoxox
    Restart (again!)- WK1 - 20/03/14 - 6lb gain - 13st 2lbs
    WK2 - 27/03/14 - 4lb loss - 12st 12lb
    WK3 - 03/04/14 - 3lb loss - 12st 9lb
    WK4 - 10/04/14 - 4lb loss - 12st 5lb

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    Diet: Cambridge Weight Plan
    Height: 5ft9in
    Start Date: 06/02/2014
    Start Weight: 17st8lb
    Current Weight: 12st10lb
    Goal Weight: 10st7lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 36.3
    Current BMI: 26.3
    Goal BMI: 21.7

    Total Weight Loss: 4st12lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st3lb
    % Lost 27.64%
    wow incredible! He looks amazing

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    Diet: Exante
    Height: 5ft10.5in
    Start Date: 11/02/2014
    Start Weight: 18st8lb
    Current Weight: 16st2.5lb
    Goal Weight: 13st7lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 36.8
    Current BMI: 32
    Goal BMI: 26.7

    Total Weight Loss: 2st5.5lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st9.5lb
    % Lost 12.88%
    He looks like a different person! Thanks for sharing, amazing x

    11/02/14 - 18st 8lb
    14/02/14 - 18st 2.5lb (not 100% so not in ketosis yet) = 5.5 lb
    21/02/14 - 17st11lb (hoped for more due to ketosis) = 5.5 lb
    28/02/14 - 17st 5.5lb = 5.5 lb
    07/03/14 - 17st 1.5lb = 4.0 lb
    14/03/14 - 16st 13lb = 2.5 lb (Perhaps didn't drink enough??)
    21/03/14 - 16st 8.5lb = 4.5 lb
    28/03/14 - 16st 5.0 lb = 3.5 lb
    04/04/14 - 16st 2.5 lb = 2.5 lb

    total so far = 2st 5.5 lb

    Goal 1 = Get into ketosis! (Done 21/2)
    Goal 2 = Get into 16's (stones, sadly not clothes) (Done 14/3)
    Goal 3 = Monthly challenge: 14lb in 4 weeks from 14/3....
    Goal 4 = 15 stone by 10th May (holiday and friend's wedding)

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    Diet: No cheese or sugar
    Height: 5ft3in
    Start Date: 03/22
    Start Weight: 170lb
    Goal Weight: 110lb
    Goal Date: as soon as I can work for it.

    BMI Information:
    Goal BMI: 19.5
    wow goodjob! any tips?

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    I have just started with 11st to lose. I'm ready!!

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