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Thread: Cambridge cheaper than exante??

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    Cambridge cheaper than exante??

    I've just restarted the cambridge diet and I like if but was looking for possibly a cheaper alternative and exante was suggested. I got a ******* offer to try it, I like it. But.... After checking their website it's actually more expensive than doing the cambridge.... I though everyone said if was cheaper ??? :-((( cambridge is now 2.10 pre packet , exante 2.54 so it's 10 per dearer per week. I see exante gave 50% off bumper packs at moment , are there always offers?? but I don't want to swap if it's going to be more expensive, although it does appeal not to have to see someone weekly as life's rather hectic at thd moment :-//.

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    Exante always have the 50% offer on, I did exante last year and it was 50% back then. I'm looking to try SML as I found with only 3 packs on exante I was hungry and Cambridge is too pricey for me

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    Agreed - also did exante in 2010, and always bought in bulk at '50% off'. in fact I don't know why they bother with the full price items. Sometimes they did pretty good deals on other things they might have overstocked.

    For some reason I prefer making the shakes with hot water and had a hot choc in the mornings...

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    to follow up on another post i just made regarding pricing;

    I have just switched from meals and shakes etc to do a week full of shakes for a couple of reasons, my job is very busy and its much easier for me to take and prep shakes throughout the week, secondly they taste great and as any normal shake and lastly the bundle im on for a week works out at only 89p per shake, so its a real bargain (thats not shake that weight though) i did look at them as they advertise being the UK's cheapest at 99p a meal but im already saving 2.80 a week on that. Good luck either way x

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    I know this is a slightly older thread now, but i did cambridge diet a few yrs ago and i switched to exante as its far cheaper, you do have to buy the bulk packs for 50% off but thats no big deal for me, i prefer to work that way, and januarys offer was two 4 wk bulk packs for 170 so even cheaper. hope this helps. what did you decide on in the end?

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