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    This may be mentioned somewhere, but I was just wondering if anyone has found a solution to rings being too big. I don't want to get them resized until my weight loss is complete but I'm at a risk of losing my beautiful rings!
    I have read some reviews on amaZon but they are quite mixed so thought I would ask advice on here!!!
    Thanks in advance x
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    I got a wee insert for a ring a few years ago. You can get plastic ones cheap but I went for a gold one but it only cost about 7

    I bought it at a jewellers and they fitted it

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    My rings are so loose Ive not worn them for over a month i went to H Samuels and they said the ring guard only works in a half size. I tried it and it was still too loose so didnt bother buying it. X

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    Thinking I might need a new smaller (eternity) ring to go behind the others to stop any slipping...

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    Now Baby is starting to eat & I'm trying not to!

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    Hi dont know if this will help but in the end i had to have mine re-seized i took them to goldsmiths as thats where i purchased them from and it cost me 40 and took about 2 weeks to get back, might not be an option for you but i thought once i reach a good weight ill have them done and its almost like a reminder that if they are getting tight im putting too much weight on x
    Shazzer B x


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