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Thread: Tips to get back on track?

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    Tips to get back on track?

    I really need to get back on track and stay on it for the next 7 and a bit weeks at least. I have been doing slim and save since the end of November but cheating quite a bit, I've still managed to lose 3 stone but have lots more to lose and really need some help or tips as to how to get into the swing again.

    I'm having a tooth pulled tomorrow so it would be an excellent day to start as I won't be able to eat.

    I'd really really appreciate any ideas at all to help me get back on and stay 100% once I do?

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    15th August, 2013
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    Diet: Cambridge Diet
    Height: 5ft6.5in
    Start Date: January 12th 2015
    Start Weight: 13st3.2lb
    Current Weight: 13st3.2lb
    Goal Weight: 10st0lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 29.4
    Current BMI: 29.4
    Goal BMI: 22.3

    Weight to Lose: 3st3.2lb
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    I have been struggling and cheating rather a lot did you get on for the week?

    Currently I am on Cambridge Step 3 (100 cals - breakfast, 2 products and a 400 cal meal) and this is DAY 5!!! We can make it through the weekend....COME ON US!!

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    Diet: Slim & Save 4 Per Day VLCD
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    I always try and give myself some mini goals. Like when im at my next stones loss, im planning a trip to flamingo land and hopefully i will be more comfy on the seats on the rides without having someone elses thigh ontop of mine! xx

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    Keep a list up in your kitchen of all the things you know you want to do if you lose the weight!! Days out,wknds away, holidays etc I have it all on my kitchen chalk board lol i even put down friends birthday bbqs that i know will have friends there i haven seen in a while so know i want to feel good on that day etc And instead of horrible fat pictures of myself, i keep my favourite pics on my fridge from when i was at my slimmest and happiest-then you can see where you want to be again!! You can do it!! X

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