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Thread: Lower losses second time around

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    Lower losses second time around

    Hi all,

    I lost quite a lot on Lighter Life a few years ago, averaging between 1.5 to 2kg a week (and had a large loss right at the beginning as well). I kept it off successfully for a couple of years, but an incident leading to PTSD threw all of my coping tactics out the window and I ended up gaining everything back, plus some. I'm currently 107.2kg.

    Now that I'm back "in a good place" I've attempted to get the weight down again. I tried LL again but after 8 weeks I was only losing up to a maximum of 1kg per week, and sometimes gaining (and I never had a big loss to make up for a dud week). As this was less than on a normal LCD, I thought it wasn't worth the money. I am now trying All About W8 and am losing between 1.2 - 1.6kg a week which is better. On neither of the LL 2nd time around or All About W8 did I have that big first loss that you normally get.

    My water consumption has been consistent on all three dieting periods. My activity levels have been different, but there is no correlation between the activity levels and loss rate as I lost the least when doing the most activity. The only real difference between the first time and subsequent times is that I have more to lose and I'm 5 years older.

    I am going to persist with All About W8, but am interested to know why the loss has slowed down so much. Any ideas? Particularly interested in those who have had a similar experience or have technical biological knowledge.

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    I think the issues could be a) hormonal and metabolism. If your extremely stressed or have been it increases cortisol in your system which kind of fights weight loss an b) if you have previously done vlcd for long periods before an several times it can just be your metabolic rate is now less. You said that when you did more exersise you lost the least-your body may be building muscle so weight not show loss on scales but start measuring your body an i bet you'll see inches falling off! Secondly too much exersise on a vlcd depletes the little calories you are getting so you may need an extra pack a day for the energy an to not go into shut diwn mode!! I have had exactly the same issues so know how frustrating it is! I have pcos so now my body really fights wanting to lose weight :0( 2 to 3lbs a wk is realistic for me now which is hard when previously was 4 5 6 or 7lbs a wk!! Just remember each lb off is better than on! :0) x

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