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Thread: Ketones and papitations

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    Ketones and papitations


    I'm new to the forum and the VLCD. I started my diet 2 weeks ago: I lost 9lbs in week one and 6lbs last week - so quite happy!

    I started picking up Traces of Ketones a week ago and according to Ketostix my levels are between trace and Fiable - as a result hunger pangs are a thing of the past, so that's all good.

    I've just got a query and wondered if anyone has had a similar experience. Around the time the Ketones started to appear, I found that everyday tasks (e.g. my usual daily 30min walk) seemed like harder work - aching calf muscles and slight breathlessness when otherwise I'd have been fine. This has progressed slightly and it seem that just sitting up is sets my heart beating harder and I become breathless much more quickly. My BP is actually lower that it has been (according to my home testing) and my resting pulse is lower too.

    I am seeing a Doctor later today, so I'll get checked out properly - I just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar?


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    I havent noticed any of this tbh. Ive actually found myself.with more energy and can catch my breath back quicker than my jogging partner. Hope your doc gives you some answers.

    Well done on your weight loss - amazing

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